Understanding Pearson Airport Terminal Layout

Who hasn’t heard about the huge Pearson Airport serving numerous passengers every day? Formerly known as the Malyon Airport developed in 1939, its name was changed to Pearson Airport in 1960. To know about how you can have a fun and comfortable experience at this busiest airport, understanding its structure is important.

In this post, we will talk about the two terminals divided based on their services and facilities. So let’s not waste any more time and get into the details of the Pearson Airport Terminal Layout.

Understand The Pearson Airport Terminal Layout

The two terminals at this airport are terminals 1 and 3. Both have some nice spots to shop, eat, and rest. But these two differ in the types of flights and have varying levels for different purposes. You can have a look a t the entire map to understand the complete look of the terminal.

1.Terminal 1

There are 58 gates in Terminal 1 of the Toronto Pearson Airport. It is divided into three levels, with level 3, the uppermost one, reserved for check-in and departures exclusively.

Thus, you must check in on this level and prepare for departure if you have landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Arrivals and the Airport Express Buses are located on Level 2, also known as the middle level. You are on level 2, so don’t worry if you have just arrived at the airport. The Airport Express busses are a convenient way to get where you’re going. For public buses and other modes of transit, use level 1, sometimes known as the basement level.

Some main things to enjoy on this terminal are given below.


  • Air Canada Jazz
  • Emirates
  • Lufthansa
  • Eva Air
  • Air Canada
  • United Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Copa Airlines
  • Avianca Airlines
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Egyptair
  • Lounges
  • Plaza Premium Lounges
  • Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge


  • Bar 120
  • Boccone Trattoria by Massimo Capra
  • David’s Tea Toronto
  • Mill Street Brewery
  • Twist by Roger Mooking
  • Boccono Pronto
  • Fetta
  • Vinifera

2. Terminal 3

There are 48 gates in Terminal 3 of Toronto Pearson Airport. It is divided into three levels, the third of which is called the upper level. You can enjoy your stay at a separate luxurious hotel if your flights are delayed or if you have connecting flights. For the departures, Level 2, or the intermediate level, is designated.

While, level 1, or lower level, is reserved especially for arrivals at Toronto’s Terminal 3 and is meant for buses, taxis, and rental automobiles. Travelers can also find incredibly professional and reasonably priced parking alternatives at this terminal.

Here are some of the major things you will find on this terminal.


  • Air Italy
  • Alitalia
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Air France
  • Caribbean Airlines
  • Pakistan International Airlines
  • Etihad Airlines
  • Westjet
  • Interjet
  • Philippine Airlines
  • Lounges
  • Plaza Premium Lounges
  • Air France KLM Lounge
  • American Airlines Admirals Club


  • Acer
  • Corso
  • Beerhive
  • Caplansky’s Deli
  • Tap and Pour
  • Nobel Burger
  • Cork and Well
  • Freshii

Moving Between Terminals

The Automated People Mover terminal link train connects the people between terminals 1 and 3. The best thing is that you can avail of this training facility absolutely free of cost.

One trip lasts for 2-8 minutes depending upon your destination spot. This amazing train has two main stops. One is at the Parking Lot level 5 while the second spot is at Value Park Garage level 4. This free train is the only way to travel between terminals 1 and 3, don’t try walking instead.

Wrappingn up

The Toronto Airport Terminal 1 is the largest of the two terminals. In fact, it is the largest Canadian terminal by space. While terminal 1 is famous for its large size, terminal 3 attracts a lot of customers for its amazing shopping stores. Choosing these terminals is basically not your choice, so just leave it to your flight. However, to get an amazing ride to your destination after landing, and navegating the Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi will be available anywhere, anytime for booking.