Pre Arrange Services

Pre-book Our Taxi and Limo

When planning a trip to different cities, a travel company that caters to your requirements is essential. They provide services, transportation and plans that will either brighten your tour or make you reconsider your decision. However, the Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi is renowned for providing services allowing tourists to make unforgettable memories and new friends. Once you plan your journey, we provide a range of taxis and limos to fit your style and needs. From SUVs and sedans to Mercedes and Ford Vans and Limos, we provide our customers with various vehicles. 

Through the tours and adventures, travellers get a chance to learn a new lifestyle, adopt new cultures and see the world from different perspectives. When people get reviews from satisfied customers, it increases the trust in the company. So, we provide the satisfied testimonials of our customers, which helps our new customers to make a similar decision and have an unforgettable experience. By choosing from our variety of vehicles, our passengers get an opportunity to exude sophistication and class in one go. You can select the car of your own choice by utilizing our Corporate Limo Service to show your elegant choice of transportation.

Besides, we don’t bound our customers to attend a few functions. Therefore, we offer multiple styles of cars which suit the customer’s preferences. The plush seating and security measures allow our customers to choose us for every occasion. Our wedding limousine service caters to the newlyweds and their guests, as the taxis and limos are decorated in a traditional way that reminds them of the traditional styles of weddings. You can also utilize our cars for long-distance travel and cross-border journeys, where our drivers will cater to you with all legal terms and conditions. This way, the passengers can have smooth journeys and secure transportation.  

Pre-book your Tours and other Activities

Many people think of travelling as completing their bucket list. However, travelling is far more than this. When you travel to a new place, you dive into new cultures, visit historical and famous places and create unforgettable memories. The Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi helps you plan tours and puts you at center stage to enjoy the charm of it. We provide a wonderful tour experience which is different from an ordinary one. Think about learning about new art, destinations, and natural wonders in Canada. With us, you can plan and edit your tours according to your preferences using our professional guide insights. 

We understand that every customer comes with a different taste. We provide tour plans that suit our customer’s budgets and interests. We add multiple destinations for history buffs, art enthusiasts and nature lovers to spice up the travel journey. Our plans satisfy the interest of all tourists who are opting for us for their journey. A unique experience is our specialty, and we are best known for spicing up the journey. The themes of our tour plan excite travellers: boat tours, bike excursions, cultural workshops, natural wonders exploration, and historical visits.

Don’t let your time go in vain; let the travel companies do what they are pro at. We have an expert team that arranges your tours and allows you to plan the journeys ahead of time. We will take care of your budget, tickets, meals and roads so you can enjoy your trip to the best. Our pre-arrange services will let you achieve unimaginable destinations in life. So, give yourself some treats and plan a journey that will freshen you up and brighten your weeks a little bit. You can pre-book our Private Niagara Falls Tours package and services like Mini Van Taxi. Our reservation team will cater to all your queries and ensure your safety throughout the journey.  

Pre-Arrange Airport Transfers

Before you head on to the trip and wrap it up, you must struggle with stored energy, unfamiliar roads, and reliable transport options. The pre-arrange airport transfers the Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi provides will serve you with the best limos and fleets. We will save you a day, as the drivers will be right there at your hotel and terminal to pick you up. With us, you can eliminate the tough part of your journey and reach your destination in style. Once you step off the plane, you don’t have to search or contact your driver, as they will appear at the airport holding a sign card with your name on it. 

Our drivers will assist you from start to end so you will get all the views and reach your destination comfortably. While booking our pre-arrange Toronto Airport Transfer Service, you will remove the stress of public transport, tricky routes and a group of taxis to haggle you up. The peace of mind can’t be traded on the trip, and we are committed to providing you with the best. The pre-arrange services will help you with language barriers, travelling late at night and unfamiliar city locals. The tension of getting lost and scammed will be eliminated once you book our pre-arrange service.

We offer cars that are more than just a ride. Our variety of vehicles will fit your every need and style. Just in case you are travelling solo, we have a sedan for you. However, if you are moving with your family and friends, why don’t you consider our spacious limos and vans? They have plush seating, a security system and everything you want for your trip. So plan your journeys with us, and use your precious time to complete other work like packing up, planning another tour, or winding up your leftover errands and meetings.  

Get Luggage Assistance 

Travelling to new places is fun until the real evil, which is luggage, arrives. Moving to new destinations with heavy luggage sometimes drains energy and makes people remove their stuff from it. So, what if you get to travel the whole world without loading bulky suitcases and fighting to fit them at your place? The Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi serves the customers with pre-arrange services like luggage assistance to put the customers at ease. So, now you can get to the Toronto City Tours without worrying about towing your luggage. Our luggage assistance team will take you on a smoother ride, where you will feel the real taste of luxury and sophistication. 

Using our pre-arrange luggage assistance service, you can roam freely anywhere in the town. The drivers and team will handle the loading and unloading your luggage from the start till the end, which takes the weight off your shoulders. So, choosing us means opting for a stress-free journey where our Toronto Airport Taxi will pick you up, help you with luggage, catch connecting flights and drop you off at your destination securely. This way, you will save time and won’t have to wait in long lines with your bulky bags.

Give yourself some time to relax and focus on the journey ahead. Our professional luggage assistants are experienced in transporting delicate items and casual belongings to their destinations. However, if you are carrying a larger load, inform our team beforehand so we can make arrangements to bring them smoothly. We strive to transport undamaged luggage and keep our customers at peace with their belongings. Moreover, people with any physical disability and mobility issues are travelling. We provide them with wheelchairs, whereas child car seats are available for infants and toddlers. This way, we will serve you as a helping hand and ensure the stressful journey.  

About Pre Arrange Services

People usually plan vacations to take a break from their hectic lives. They mean to have a relaxing journey with no stress. However, travelling comes with many responsibilities, like safe routes, packing up stuff, reliable rides, and bulky luggage. 

Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi provides the best and most reliable transportation throughout Canada. Our pre-arrange travel services come to take all your responsibilities and allow you a hassle-free journey. 

Our pre-arrange services will transform your tiring tours into exciting ones. The reservation team will take care of your budget, travel duration, and members’ safety. So, ditch your hectic routine for a few days, and let us serve you with the best.


1. How to pre-arrange services? 

You can get pre-arranged services while reserving the ride by phone or mail.

2. What vehicles are available for pre-arranged transportation?

We provide our customers with SUVs, sedans, Ford, Sprinter and Mercedes vans and taxis.

3. How will I recognize my driver at the airport?

The driver will hold the sign card with their name on it so you can recognize your driver. Moreover, on the confirmation, we will notify the customer with the information related to pickup with driver information.  

4. Will the company reschedule my ride if my flight gets delayed?

The Toronto Pearson Airport Taxi will accommodate last-minute reservations and schedule your ride if your flight is delayed. 

5. What tour services do you offer in pre-arrange services?

We offer Toronto City Tours, Private Niagara Falls Tours, and multiple facilities in our pre-arrange services. 

6. Do you provide drivers in different languages?

Instructors of different languages assist with many tours and activities. We also offer drivers who understand multiple languages. 

7. Will the company bear the expense if my luggage gets damaged?

For lost and damaged luggage, the companies provide luggage insurance. Make mindful consideration before reserving the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions